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The Rodriguez Family's Adoption Journey

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Hope in things unseen

The last time I sat down to write an update spring was just around the corner. As I look outside now, the trees are beginning to change colors and fall will be here in a few weeks. So much has changed, yet so much has remained the same in regards to our adoption paperwork, as far as we can tell.

We have heard many rumors of movement, yet none of those rumors have materialized. It’s really too emotional to get our hopes up, so instead we wait, we pray all the time for our kids and this process, and we continue to live life with the two beautiful girls we have now.

We have the opportunity to actually do something tangible this month, though. The governing body where our papers reside (also the office who issues us our official referral eg. pictures and history of our kids), is not receiving any more adoption dossiers this month in order to focus on issuing referrals for the ones it has. So, many adoptive families are praying specifically that we see movement this month since that seems to be the goal of the Haitian social services office as well. Many families have chosen a day to pray in September. Our family will be praying on September 23rd for our kids and for everyone to see progress being made. If you want to join us, put September 23rd on your calendar and pray specifically for:

  • The IBESR to begin issuing referrals
  • The orphanages to be financially sustained even without the adoption fees they would normally be receiving
  • The kids to be loved well even while apart from their biological and adoptive families


For those of you who ask about our adoption, please continue to do so. We don’t mind! Even if every time you ask, we say that nothing has changed…that we haven’t heard anything. Keep asking! One day we actually will have good news to share and what a joy filled day that will be! Looking forward to celebrating that day and many other adoption milestones with those who are following us in this journey.

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Sometimes the silence is deafening. I am constantly refreshing my email app for hopes of news from Haiti, but the news has been next to nothing. Since a wave of dossiers were submitted in November, and the new adoption laws passed, very few formal referrals (children matched with a family) have taken place. We are one of many families…waiting…waiting for a word of hope that our paperwork is being addressed and not just sitting on a desk gathering dust.

We know our family has been matched with children and we have been given a few details. One thing we know is that our children are considered “true orphans,” meaning they do not have birth parents or family to interview. They were abandoned. This being the case, our paperwork should be flying through. What more needs to happen? A family is matched with children who don’t have one. Done. Let’s move on. Unfortunately, the ‘moving on’ process is seemingly harder than it needs to be.

There are days like today that I feel a bit annoyed with the silence, other days I try not to think about it and then some days I am confident and hopeful of God’s perfect timing in this. The hopeful days are the best, of course. I wish everyday could be like that.  I should be blogging on one of those days! When I feel annoyed, though, I try to get perspective. I currently have a great husband and two girls who I love to pieces and I want to cherish every day I have with them. And, I’m sure this waiting phase will quickly be forgotten once our kids are home.

Hope-for-HaitiSo, keep the questions coming! Where are you in the process? Any change or movement? I love to be able to share. Most likely my answer will be “I don’t know,” but I am glad to fill you in. And, one day I will have news to share face to face or online and we can rejoice and celebrate together. Meanwhile, my character will be refined more and more as I wait, but there is plenty of good in that.

As impatient as I am, I am choosing to rest in the confidence and hope I have in God, who first led us down this road of adoption. It is a huge privilege to be walking down this road and I don’t take it for granted. So, even though there is a lot to be concerned about, THERE IS A LOT MORE TO BE HOPEFUL FOR.





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When “thank you” isn’t enough

Six weeks ago, Mike and I didn’t know if we were going to move forward with our silent auction fundraiser or not. We had a venue secured and that was about it. We began planning, but the details of this type of event quickly became paralyzing. Then, the community of people that we “do life” with, and have weekly dinners with, offered to help us. Initially, I didn’t know if they were planning to assist or to physically do the work that this project would entail? Putting together an event definitely highlights people’s strengths,weaknesses and level of commitment. As the event neared, it was clear that everyone was committed to seeing this through and doing it well. Thankfully, the auction not only served to help us raise funds for our adoption, but it also became an incredible bonding experience for our group.

Enso Winery was the venue for our “From Haiti to Home” silent auction. They graciously donated their space and were a pleasure to work with. We spent hours setting up for the night, but the final product was worth it. Notice the pictures lining the wall. One of the adoptive moms with our agency took these black and white head shots of the children at the orphanage where we are adopting from. I keep looking at them and wondering if any of them are our children!


But, what is a party without good wine and friends to share it with? The most important part of the night to Mike and I were the people who walked through the door. Having only lived in the Portland area for a year and a half as a family, it was very special to have support from such a diverse group of people. We definitely felt very loved!

full room

Looking at this picture makes me smile 🙂  The room was full of energy and it was a beautiful celebration of all that God has done and is doing as we move forward in this crazy adoption journey.

There was also plenty of fun going on at the photo booth thanks to Picstop. Here’s a shot of two of the key players on our auction team, Chris and Megan.


Here is a sample of one of the many appetizers Megan put together. She deserves to have her own catering business. The food was amazing!

cheese board

And…I have to share that we are super close to our overall financial goal. Woo hoo!  We are also on the hunt for a bigger vehicle and saving for that, but one thing at a time. We are so thankful for all that was donated, for the long hours invested from many people and from the generous guests who came out in support of us. We say “thank you,” and wish there was a word in the English language to communicate that at a deeper level. Our family is truly grateful.


We are overflowing with thankfulness and humbled by your generosity.

Photo credit: Nicole Zena Photography

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When Your Story Becomes Our Story

We wrote another adoption related guest post here.

Also, The Rooster Party is continuing to donate to our adoption fund through February 23rd, if you would like to purchase any of the products in their store. If you are coming to our ‘From Haiti To Home’ Silent Auction this Saturday, their merchandise will also be available on site.

Thank you so much for joining us in this effort to bring these kids home. We don’t have adequate words to communicate how grateful we are. Truly grateful.

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Real Talk Tuesday

Mike and I wrote a guest post for The Rooster Party that is online today. They are featuring our family for the next two weeks. A portion of all of their proceeds from the sale of items in their store will be given to our adoption fund. You can check out their cool merchandise here. Our post is one in a series called “Real Talk Tuesdays.” We are honest about our fears and the harder parts of our journey so far. Check it out!

Rooster party

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Get your tickets!

Celebrate Valentines Day a week late, on February 22nd, at our “From Haiti to Home” Benefit Auction at Enso Urban Winery.  Not only will you miss the crowds, but you will be able to enjoy wine and appetizers while supporting our adoption of siblings from Haiti.

Our event will be held in Enso’s Barrel Room from 7-9pm. Come enjoy an evening together, sample delicious wine and food and bid on some sweet deals. All of our auction items have been donated by local artisans and businesses from Portland and the surrounding area.

Ticket sales are limited for this venue so get them while you can! Click on the buttons to the right or, if you are reading this on a mobile device, use the following buttons to purchase tickets.


sold out


We would LOVE to see  you there!


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…and it was good

I sit in awe at what has transpired over the past few weeks. In the midst of the busyness of the Christmas season, people gave. They gave to us. They donated to our adoption fund above and beyond what I ever could have imagined. It costs a little more than $40K to adopt siblings from Haiti. We are almost there. $5K to go. As I said, I really sit stunned by what had taken place.

Besides being overwhelmed with gratitude (and a bit of shock), I had this nagging, underlying feeling that I didn’t deserve it, that I wasn’t “good enough” to receive this kind of generosity from people. Hmm…? I pushed these feelings aside, half acknowledging them and slow to process them.

A few days later, I was given some rare time to myself to quiet my soul. You all know what happens when we stop to rest and reflect, right? Yeah, the feelings that we’ve been putting off come to the surface. Why do I have a hard time receiving gifts or even giving things to myself? Why do I feel I have to work hard and earn what I receive? Whether innate or something that developed over time, I have been believing the lie that I am unworthy of good things. Responding to life through this filter is tiresome and NOT the way God intended. We don’t have to work to earn everything in life (as much as I love a hard worker) and we surely don’t have to work to earn favor or right standing with God. Some things are just meant to be received…like grace!

This lie has been given way too much power in my life. I am ready to give it a swift kick outta here and to celebrate the goodness of God and all that he has provided for us. It was been such a privilege to watch him fit the pieces of this adoption puzzle together and he is not done yet!

***If you were considering giving to our adoption fund, you can do so on our Go Fund Me site or at our account with Lifesong for Orphans (#4168 Rodriguez). We are also in need of a new vehicle to hold 6 or more people. If you have car connections, please email me at   Thank you!